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Are you tired of endlessly editing your manuscripts, reports, or business documents? Do you want to spend your time writing and marketing your work? Bear's Editing offers professional services in developmental editing, copy and line editing, and proofreading.

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Developmental Editing

Once the manuscript is complete to the author's satisfaction, it is ready for an initial development edit. Here, the story flow and plot, point of view and tone, scene and chapter transitions, dialogue, general structure, writing style, and character development are scrutinized and critiqued. Audience appeal is also evaluated.
You will receive a detailed report on areas where the manuscript needs work. If applicable, problem areas within the manuscript will be marked.
Turn-around time for manuscripts less than 100,000 words is 2-4 weeks.
8-10 pp/hour                $40 U.S. per hour (standard)

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Copyediting Services

This is the stage of editing where most authors seek assistance. Copyediting (including line editing) is a line-by-line edit of an established draft, including suggested revisions of word choice, grammar, dialogue, paragraph sequence, and style. Weaknesses in clarity and meaning, consistency, repetition, and paragraph and sentence structure will be identified with suggestions for improvement.

Please Note: Do not send a first draft to an editor. Revise and self-edit to save yourself money and time.


Turn-around time for manuscripts less than 100,000 words is 2-4 weeks.


Basic copyediting            $40 U.S. per hour

Deep copyediting            $45 U.S. per hour


All copyediting contracts include two passes and a final proofread.

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Proofreading Services

This is the last stage of editing a manuscript and requires a detailed edit for spelling, typos, punctuation, grammatical errors, word choice, and various mechanical problems, such as speaker attributes and beats.

Turn-around time for a manuscript less than 100,000 words is 2-4 weeks


8-10 pp/hour                      $25 U.S. per hour

(Note: This rate is for a 'clean' manuscript that has been professionally edited.)

Other professional services are provided to my clients free of charge. For example: critiquing query letters and synopses.

Please Note: I will not assess, develop, edit, or proofread AI generated manuscripts.

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