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Whispers Series

Whispers Series: My Work

Whispering Walls

Ariana Nightley is an empath and a social misfit. An invitation from her grandmother to spend the summer at her farm on the Canadian prairies offers Ariana an escape from her loneliness. When she explores an abandoned farmhouse, the voices of five generations of women who lived in the house whisper their tragic stories. A mystery begins to build, but hidden dangers and secrets from the past threaten Ariana’s life.

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Whispering Tree

Ghostly whispers from The Tree. Unexplained mishaps. Can an empath solve the mystery of her hauntings and save her family from a psychopath bent on revenge?

Empath Ariana Nightley is living her dream on a Canadian prairie farm. She is a bestselling author, she’s marrying the man she loves, and the dangerous psychopath who stalked her is gone. Then the women of The Tree start whispering again. They warn her of danger. Michael is back.

Whispering Dreamers

Amy Levin-Fraser rejects her ESP powers until her mother’s mind is sucked into The Tree and she lapses into a coma. Amy moves to her grandparents’ farm in the hopes of rescuing her mother. There, she meets Noah and falls in love.
The women of The Tree warn her that Michael’s ghost has returned, and he’s bent on revenge against the descendants of Ariana Nightley-Levin. With the help of an eccentric group of ghost hunters and a mysterious whisperer, Amy prepares for the final battle.

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