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Anthropology Matters, 3rd ed.

This is one of the most intelligent and engaging introductory texts available. It is pithy and covers all of the critical areas one would expect in an introductory class. There are plenty of opportunities for instructors to expand on key concepts or draw in additional material. The text itself, rich with ethnographic examples, will certainly inspire classroom debates, and discussion questions and classroom activity suggestions are well-formulated, encouraging students to get their hands dirty as they wrangle with the issues themselves.

(Liesl L. Gambold, Dalhousie University)

Connecting basic anthropological principles to current issues, this readable text provides a solid grounding in the discipline but also underlines the importance of understanding someone else’s point of view, an invaluable skill in an increasingly globalized and connected world. (Lucy Laufe, Montgomery College, Maryland)


Pop Culture: The Culture of Everyday Life

A very useful introduction to anthropology and popular culture alike, casting the discipline in terms that respect its rich scholarly heritage without ignoring its power to plumb the details of contemporary popular culture.

-- Paul Mullins, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis

This text is important for any introductory anthropology course, particularly in conveying to students the relevance of anthropology by engaging with the very aspects of popular culture that are significant in their everyday lives.

-- Kristin L. Dowell, University of Oklahoma

Suitable as a primary or supplementary introductory text, Pop Culture encourages students to think critically about the ways in which the seemingly mundane aspects of 'the everyday' are both culturally constructed and meaningful to the lived realities of diverse groups of people.

-- Karen McGarry, York University


Global Issues: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

Fedorak's Global Issues pulls back the veil on cultural stereotypes by exploring familiar concepts long shaped by prejudice, ignorance, the media, and politics, while analyzing that very veil itself. This collection is a pedagogical tour de force that succeeds, above all, in illuminating highly charged issues in an impressively balanced way. -- Thomas W. Zeiler, University of Colorado Boulder

Refreshing and well-balanced, this textbook does not shy away from controversial topics in international and global studies. It offers students the tools to understand, engage, and critically analyze complex issues of an international nature, while making those issues relate to everyday life. -- Jean Michel Montsion, York University

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