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Anthropology Matters

The third edition of this bestselling book introduces readers to anthropology, and the world around it, by connecting important concepts to current global issues. A question-based approach encourages readers to understand specific issues in a broader cross-cultural context while building an appreciation for anthropology’s role in developing global citizenship.

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Pop Culture

While usually associated with facets of commercial culture, pop culture can and must be analyzed as an important part of material, economic, and political culture. The author begins by defining popular culture, outlining criticisms, and examining the impact of globalization on pop culture. She then explores mass media and popular culture (soap operas, Egyptian melodramas, Afro-Cuban rap music, and virtual communities), artistic expression and popular culture (graffiti art and body art), and gatherings and popular culture (fast food in Japan, equality in sport, and wedding rituals).

Global Issues

Global Issues is a pedagogically rich text that offers a unique way of looking at contemporary issues, such as food security and global conflict, from a cross-cultural and multidisciplinary perspective. By exploring each issue in depth, students gain an applied understanding of more abstract concepts like conflict, globalization, culture, imperialism, human rights, and gender, while the cross-cultural approach encourages students to view the world from outside the Western box.

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Windows on the World

Shirley Fedorak has compiled this unique and fascinating collection of case studies examined from a Canadian context. Ethnographies are an important aspect of cultural anthropology as they provide information regarding language, subsistence, kinship and contemporary situation in their local environment and in Canada. Used alone or in conjunction with any other cultural anthropology text, Windows on the World is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the variety of cultures which inhabit the Earth.

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