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Fiction: Latest Work

Separated from the other Rainbow Warriors, Willow and Keme make a new life with surviving Okanagan First Nations. When Cardiff and his mercenaries threaten the lives of her adopted people, Willow becomes their leader and forms a plan to save them. But can she find happiness in the Rocky Mountain caverns when she longs for her Blackfoot people and mourns the loss of her chance for a safe life in Maniton?

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Whatever happened to Sinclair when the pterosaur captured him and flew away?

Sinclair's hopes for a new life with the woman he loves is shattered when a giant pterosaur snatches him seconds before the castaways are rescued. Alone on the Isle of Fright, he fights to survive and find a way off the island. When all seems lost, an old nemesis comes to his rescue. 

Fiction: Latest Work

Ghosts, palace intrigue, and a plot that would destroy Paris.

Ariana Nightley-Levin is swept back in time where she must save Napoleon III from assassination or the Paris of today would cease to exist.

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Fiction: Latest Work
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Rainbow Warriors Napa and Ramon long for the open sky and a chance to explore new land. They petition the Guardians of Maniton for permission to scout the Surface in search of the mysterious Ark Two. With anthropologists Charlie and Nick, they set off in a rover-sub to explore the ancient rainforests of s.e. Asia. What begins as a simple scouting trip turns into a rescue mission with more at stake than their own survival.

Fiction: Latest Work
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