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Writing has always been a passion for Shirley Bear Fedorak. 

Since turning her passion into a profession, she has written prolifically in academia and is constantly exploring new themes and ideas. 

She is now turning her attention to developing a career in genre fiction. Shirley is excited to promote her books on shirleybearfedorak.com.

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Fifteen-year-old Cassie is about to become a breeder for West Farmcorp. She flees the farmcorp with her family and her best friend, minort Noah Abenaki. They embark on a dangerous journey across Beforetimes Canada in search of the legendary Brandon Enclave. When Noah is captured and all seems lost, Cassie hatches a plan that could rescue him and all the bonded serfs and minorts or condemn them to death.


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Fourteen-year-old Alex is about to become a bonded serf and his older sister a breeder, but he is determined to change their fate. He leads his six siblings and his best friend, minort Kimowan Tootoosis, on a dangerous journey across Beforetimes Canada in search of the legendary Brandon Enclave. On the outskirts of Brandon, when all seems lost, the secret book decides their fate.

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Book 6 in the Rainbow Warriors Series

By the year 2411, young Manitons have grown weary of the oppressive rules and segregation in the underwater city. Judsea of the Siksiká Blackfoot First Nations petitions the Guardians to allow her and a group of misfits to explore the land once known as Canada.


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Book 5 in the Rainbow Warriors Series

The Rainbow Warriors reach the underwater city of Maniton, but if they think they are safe, the evil General Cardiff has a surprise for them.

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Book 4 in the Rainbow Warriors Series

In the year 2132, Earth is no longer habitable. Firestorms, famine, and poison air have transformed the world into an oligarchy where the powerful Arkers seek to enslave and then destroy the remaining few survivors.Guardians are called to save the remnants of humanity by escorting children from all the lands to the underwater city of Maniton.


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Book 3 in the Rainbow Warriors Series

Sixteen-year-old N!ai of the Kalahari Desert knows her world is dying, and when Guardians appear in her village, she agrees to lead the Kalahari children through Africa to the fabled gathering site. They escape heat bombs, outsmart spy drones, and fight off a locust curse, but the biggest challenge awaits the children when they reach their destination. Can N!ai and Matwau, the caretaker, free the Kalahari Rainbow Warriors from the Arkers’ clutches?

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Book 2 in the Rainbow Warriors Series

When their island sinks beneath the sea, seventeen-year-old Maumoon leads the Malikun Rainbow Warriors on a race to the underwater city of Maniton while evading vicious storms, slavers, and the evil leader of Tumala’s floating city.


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Book 1 in the Rainbow Warriors Series

By the year 2128, earth is no longer habitable. Seventeen-year-old Halerine Ananda leads the Blackfoot Rainbow Warriors across the Canadian barrenlands to the underwater city of Maniton while evading vicious storms, crazed assassins and slavers, a shiftless polygamist, and khakhua cannibals.

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